Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Shalom Elderly Care different from a large retirement/assisted living residence?

By offering private homes situated in beautiful, safe residential neighborhoods we are able to offer a true family environment which can reduce feelings of isolation your loved one may experience at a larger facility.

How many individuals live in each home?

Each of  Shalom Elderly Care’s homes accommodate up to six residents.

Are private rooms available?

Shalom Elderly Care offers both private and shared rooms, many with individual bathrooms and a private phone line for each resident.

Who are Shalom Elderly's Residents?

Shalom Elderly Care offers specialized care for those individuals suffering from memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. We are dedicated to encouraging the maintenance of self-reliance, independence and the dignity of each resident. Shalom Elderly Care provides innovative and dedicated programs to ease the symptoms of the disease and celebrate the life of the individual.

What is the ratio of caregivers to each resident?

Shalom Elderly Care has one caregiver for every two to three residents, 24 hours a day.

What is the caregiver's training experience?

Shalom Elderly Care’s caregivers are available 24 hours a day to respond to residents’ needs. Each caregiver is trained in First Aid and understands the challenges that occur with age, and the importance of reporting changes in a resident’s overall health and condition. Each caregiver assists our residents in bathing, dressing, grooming and dispensing of medications. Most importantly, they provide the emotional support needed to create a warm, nurturing environment.

Does Shalom Elderly Care Provide Respite Services?

Shalom Elderly Care’s homes can be used as respite care or as a permanent residence for your loved one. Regardless of the level of care, we ensure appropriate medical access including medications and doctor visits.

How do I arrange to see one of your homes?

Please call Dina Vetchtein, owner of Shalom Elderly Care, to schedule a time to visit one of our beautiful homes. Dina can be reached at (818) 883-8384.