For board and care homes in Woodland Hills and throughout the world, the idea of an Alzheimer’s vaccine could drastically change the way senior assisted living homes are operated. For example, families may find that thoroughly preventing Alzheimer’s disease through the use of a vaccine could ultimately cancel out the need for senior board and care homes.

And the idea of an Alzheimer’s vaccine could soon become a reality. According to a study done by researchers at Université Laval, CHU de Québec and published at, a large part of Alzheimer’s symptoms are tied to the buildup of the amyloid beta protein. A brain damaged by Alzheimer’s is unable to clear the protein and the buildup results in plaque that affects brain function.

The Alzheimer’s vaccine is essentially a series of weekly injections of monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL). The study has already been successfully completed in mice and MPL has already been deemed safe for humans. For elderly assisted living homes in Woodland Hills and beyond, this could mean that an Alzheimer’s vaccine is going to be on the horizon shortly. And while this could potentially decrease the number of residents in board and care homes it would also make it easier to care for many of the residents.

It is also not yet clear if the Alzheimer’s vaccine actually works to eradicate Alzheimer’s disease or if it simply lessens the effects by improving brain functioning. The study mentions that 80% of the amyloid beta plaques were removed and the mice showed significant cognitive improvements. But, there is no mention yet of a complete cure. The study conducted was actually quite brief at only twelve weeks. Given the short amount of time in which the study was conducted, it’s important for families to still consider elderly assisted living homes in Woodland Hillsor their respective areas before relying on a vaccine that has not yet been released to the market.

At Shalom Elderly Care in Woodland Hills, we specialize in caring for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s, dementia and Parkinson’s disease.  We support advancements in medicine and hope sooner rather than later there will be a vaccination to prevent, if not,  slow down the progression of this debilitating disease.  Until then, your loved ones deserve the best care possible so please take our virtual tour or call us today at 818.883.8384.