Compassion becomes the key when talking to an elderly parent about board and care homes, when that time comes, and though you wish circumstances were different, no longer can the necessity of elderly assisted living be denied.  A parent coping with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease needs a comfortable, well-cared for home, and that place may no longer be in their own home, or living with you and your family.

If you live in Woodland Hills or the San Fernando Valley, many options exist in senior assisted living homes.  The most important thing you do in transitioning your parent to a board and care home will be the conversation you have with them. Structure your conversation with your parent as a discussion. No one likes to feel changes are being forced on them, and with dementia or Alzheimer’s emotional stress becomes a major factor in their well-being. Generally, your parent will already have some desire for care but may be intimidated by the idea of moving to an elderly assisted living home.

Today, and especially in the Woodland Hills and San Fernando Valley areas many places exist as an alternative to large nursing homes.  And the image of a large and impersonal nursing home plagues many elderly parents, combining a threat to a loss of freedom with a fear of loneliness.  In your conversation with your elderly parent, two things must be emphasized at the same time. One, their home is important to both of you, its memories, and its loss is more than just a loss for your parent. It’s a loss for the entire family. Two, that you envision them in a comfortable and well-cared for elderly assisted living community.

Stress the relief your parent will have by no longer needing to care for his or her own home, such as no more dealing with contractors for repairs or electrical work, no yard work and no need to remove snow from a roof or driveway.  Talk about what the facilities you will consider offer in terms of extras such as classes and exercise activities.

As your parent becomes comfortable and you’ve made a list of things they will want in a board and care home, offer to go tour some with your parent. Stop if the conversation makes your parent feel uncomfortable or if they become defensive.

These are just some useful tips for discussing senior board and care homes with your parent or loved one.  For a more comprehensive list, visit

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