In the Woodland Hills and San Fernando Valley areas many alternatives to large nursing homes exist, offering a friendly and homey atmosphere for your parent who may be suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

If you’ve helped to move a parent into an elderly assisted living home, spending time with them remains as important as it ever was, if not more important. Maybe you live far away, and had to spend time, effort and money to facilitate the transition, and now you’ve been home a number of months, and though you keep in touch, you feel that soon it will be time to go and visit. Since the time of your trip will be limited, and honestly the time you have left with your parent is limited, consider making the most of the time you will spend with you parent once they are in a senior board and care home.

Here are some ideas for spending time with your parent who is in a senior assisted living home.  Once your parent has moved into their board and care home, you can help them feel like the new board and car home is their own home when you visit. This new place, in fact, their home, and if you’ve chosen a board and care home as an alternative to large nursing homes, the facility will feel more like a home to your parent and to yourself. Behave as you would, or as you used to, when you visited them in their old home.

Go to your visit with some idea of how you’ll spend your time.  Silences can be awkward for both of you, and make your parent uncomfortable.  You should have some appropriate activities planned.  If your parent is capable of leaving the facility going for a walk, or having a small meal are good choices. Even if your parent has Alzheimer’s, doing things like going through old photographs can be pleasurable and helpful. If your parent mistakes people in the photographs for someone one else, this is OK and you should just go with the flow.  The important thing is that your parent enjoys his or her time with you.

These are just a few tips for helping an elderly parent who has entered a board and care home at

At Shalom Elderly Care, our board and care homes in Woodland Hills ensure that your loved one has the most comfortable “at home” experience possible.  We like to get to know our resident’s family members so when they visit, we can assist them (if needed) in making their time with their loved one as meaningful as possible.  Please take our virtual tour or call us today at 818.883.8384.