Recently a 101 year old man ran the London marathon to its completion, becoming the oldest individual to finish the race. This demonstrates what medical professionals who specialize in aging understand – that there is no reason that a healthy and well cared for body cannot go on performing well into what we consider old age. If you’re in the Woodland Hills, West Hills area and are looking for an alternative to large nursing homes, look for one that keeps in mind that your elderly parent or loved one will be at his or her best the more active they are kept.

The 101 year old man who ran the London marathon all the way to the end had some advice for keeping active and living long. He said that diet is essential, and he eats small portions of fresh food. Food, it’s quality and freshness, is another reason to consider an alternative to large nursing homes in the San Fernando Valley. Small providers of elderly care tend to make a better effort to provide fresh and healthy foods.

So when the time comes to choose the facility with your loved one be sure to consider the activities available. You’re elderly parent need not prepare to run a marathon, but things like hiking trails, on site gym, and near by parks and fishing can keep your loved one happy in a facility that is an an alternative to a large nursing home. Many alternative to large nursing home facilities in the Woodland Hills, West Hills area also offer group activities with a physical therapy professional guiding the exercise. In addition, these facilities may have buses that can drive residents to places where extended hiking is available. If your loved one is capable of running a marathon, the facility would likely bend over backwards to make sure he or she got there and was provided with anything that was needed to attempt to run it to completion.

Your loved one will add happier and healthier life to his or her remaining years if he or she remains active.  While the 101 year old man can be held to be an inspiration, his example best serves as a reminder that no matter one’s age, exercise and diet remain essential to longevity, awareness, ability and skill. An alternative to a large nursing home will be aware of the physical needs of your elderly parent and provide a much needed stimulus to his or her body and mind. You and your loved one will be all the happier for the effort.

At Shalom Elderly Care in Woodland Hills, we cater to those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease and dementia.  While many who are afflicted with these illnesses do not have the ability to be active, we have many residents who are able to enjoy different activities.  Our beautiful private homes have expansive back yards and quiet neighborhoods to encourage daily exercise and fresh air.  Our food is prepared fresh daily and always includes fresh vegetables and fruit.  Enjoy our virtual tour to get a sense of Shalom Elderly’s welcoming environment or call us today at 818.883.8384.