Falls are one of the most important things to watch for when caring for an elderly parent or loved one. This is one of the main reasons a family will urge their senior parents to consider care in an elderly assisted living home. Not only are injuries from falls a problem that require on going treatment, adding medical expense to already strained retirement budgets, but they often, in an elderly person, create more chronic problems that cannot be completely cured. The fall itself could be an indicator of a much more serious problem effecting the brain and balance. This is why prevention from falls becomes of extreme importance in elderly care, especially when dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s in elderly loved ones who may not remember the fall or its cause. An elderly assisted living home in the Woodland Hills, West Hills area will understand the importance of reducing the problems associated with falls.

Advice and guidelines from the American Geriatrics Society provide information on what to do when an elderly loved one falls, and more importantly, steps to reduce tripping and falling risks. A good senior board and care home will be familiar with this advice from the American Geriatrics Society. The steps a senior board and care home needs to take are fairly simple and easy.

People 65 and over have a one in three chance of experiencing a fall in a single year. For the oldest age groups the odds become seven in ten. Of these falls one in eight cause a serious injury, and the medical price tag rises to twenty billion a year, mostly paid for by Medicare.

Even if your loved one lives in an elderly assisted living home in Woodland Hills, West Hills, and Medicare pays the hospital expenses, it will be hard to calculate expense caused by the fall in terms of a change in lifestyle.  Even the best care in a senior board and care home cannot do anything about a physical injury that will cause your loved one to take fewer trips outside, become less self-reliant and interact less socially.  Often, loved ones will not tell anyone about the fall because they are afraid their independence will be taken away.

Elderly assisted living homes in the Woodland Hills, West Hills area strive to give the greatest care to guard against falls so your loved one can maintain his or her independence longer.

At Shalom Elderly Care in Woodland Hills, our private homes have been carefully equipped to protect your senior loved ones.  From the extra wide hallways to hardwood floors, our homes are tailor made to help decrease the chances of falling.  The expertly trained staff continually monitor each room and activity area for potential risks.  Please take the time to take our virtual tour or call us at 818.883.8384.