If you have an elderly parent or loved one, you want them to experience the most out of their senior years. Living alone can become difficult for a senior, and without life’s previous responsibilities life can become stagnant. If for this reason you are considering board and care homes in Woodland Hills, West Hills for your loved one, find one that considers the concept of balance to be important. The International Council On Active Aging considers the concept of balance to be of primary importance. They identify seven dimensions that seniors should strive to balance with the help of their families and care givers.

The seven dimensions of balance are: physical wellness, intellectual wellness, social wellness, vocational wellness, spiritual wellness, environmental wellness and emotional wellness. A good senior assisted living home in Woodland Hills, West Hills will take the following actions to promote this concept of balance. They will promote 10 minutes of exercise three times a day for five days a week. They will make available, commonly online today, puzzles and brain games to stimulate thought. Your elderly parent or loved one will be able to volunteer in the community, visit with friends and take classes through his or her senior assisted living home, provided their physical and mental health allow, and thus help maintain social and vocational wellness.

Access to places of worship and needed items for a meaningful spiritual life will be made available to your loved one through a good board and care home in the Woodland Hills, West Hills area. Either on site or though a facility bus, your elderly parent will have environmental appreciation available through parks and nature walks. A good facility may provide yoga or t’ai chi classes to promote emotional wellness.

Balance will help your senior loved one get the most of the board and care home he or she has chosen, and provide for a more meaningful life and for people to help when life gets out of balance.  When left alone in their own home, seniors tend to become introverted and often don’t report feeling down or even report physical symptoms that could be a true sign of danger.

The most important thing you can remember for your loved one in a board and care home is that he or she should not simply be housed away, but attention paid to the above dimensions of balance so that the remaining years of your elderly parent or loved one are healthy and fulfilling.

At Shalom Elderly Care in Woodland Hills, we offer daily activities for our residents.  From music therapy, arts and crafts to visiting children and individualized exercise routines, we help contribute to the seven dimensions of balance and provide the care and support needed for our senior residents.  Please take our virtual tour or call us today at 818.883.8384